Pet health tips

If you decide to have a pet, you should bear in mind that they also need regular visits to the veterinarian and proper care.

It is performed at least once a year, when they have to receive regular injections and when they are thoroughly examined, while informing their owners about how to care for our fit pets. According to the most recent information, heartworm is a life-threatening disease that makes it difficult to treat. You can prevent it from appearing if you give your pet Heartgard Plus (ivermectin / pirantel). The symptoms are not so obvious; they can include cough or intolerance in dogs. A dog can have from 1 to 250 worms and a cat of 1-3 worms. The symptoms in cats are similar and can cause death, so it is important to avoid the appearance of intestinal worms.

Tips for pet owners

First, you must maintain the temperature of the place where pet spends most of its time, because that way you can avoid the heat stroke, which is very dangerous in animals. If you notice symptoms such as vomiting or increased respiration in dogs, it can be a sign that your dog’s temperature is increased and that he is experiencing heat stroke. Make sure your pets have plenty of water and shade. It is especially emphasized that you should not use ice or cold water to cool them

Keep the hygiene of your pets, because that way you can make sure they do not have fleas and ticks. Fleas can cause dermatitis, while ticks can cause Lyme disease, which is very dangerous. You can use a product that cleans them of flies and ticks. Maintain the hygiene of your teeth and avoid dental problems that can cause severe pain or even tooth loss. This can be a cause of some other medical problems, such as diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys and lungs. There are toothbrushes on the market that are specially designed for dogs. Pay close attention to what they eat and give them approved foods.

Do different types of exercises with them, so they do not get fat, and therefore, maintain their flexibility. Clean your garden of any poisonous plants your dog can eat. Place children’s toys in a remote place where the dog cannot choke if swallowed.


But the most important advice is to love your pet with all your heart and it will double. Spend quality time with a pet and make sure it is happy and you will see that it will lead a better life.

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