Style Guide For Your Pup

Dogs are an important family member for all dog lovers. They too need to be fashioned well in their dressing according to all occasions. They are unlimited trendy styles of clothing for puppies too. Based on occasion, climatic condition and place of wear different varieties of pajamas are designed. Here is a brief idea on top dog pajamas;

  • Printed dog pajamas:

New quotations and one- liners on doggy shirts are another way to raise your dog’s personality. Dog clothing manufacturers always coming with fresh thoughts on shirts. Dog owner knows his dog best, so picking up the perfect shirt color and design pattern adds more charm to your dog’s personality.

Puppies pajamas

  • Holiday dog pajamas:

Spruce up your dog’s wardrobe in the holiday season. Make separate theme costume pajamas for different occasions. Select your favorite color code for Christmas pajamas for dogs, for Easter dog owners should opt for pajamas with bunnies on them and for Halloween, pumpkin pajamas would be perfect.

  • According to material type:

Picking up the right material for your dog according to the climate and skin of your dog is advisable to avoid any harm for your pup. Incase dogs have allergies or dry skin, using light weight material like cotton or fleece can be good. In summer, opting for soft cotton material pajamas could be ideal. Similarly fleece pajamas should be opted for winters to keep them warm and cozy.

  • Size of the dog pajamas:

Just as humans, dogs also are comfortable with right kind of size of their clothing. They may get irritated with tight fit pajamas as it may resist them from roaming around freely. Be sure to get the proper size for your pup.

  • Extra features in dog pajamas:

There are dog pajamas available in many different features such as pajamas with feet, flaps on the back and many more. Some dogs get annoyed with the pads on their foot and some love to wear it. Pajamas with flaps on the back makes the owner easier to remove it. Depending on your pups likes and dislikes, pajamas with additional features can be chosen.

  • Seasonal pajamas for dogs:

It is very important for owners to select the right kind of pajamas according to the season. In warmer season, opt for light color and cooler pajamas. During winter opt for thicker and woolen material pajamas. This will keep your dog comfortable and out of any health issues.

  • Customized dog pajamas:

There is also another option for your pet; opt for customized pajamas. For a perfect fit pajama, customized pajamas is the best option. Additionally, dog owners can even enjoy matching color, pattern and design outfits with your dog. And even for small dog pajamas, customized ones are more comfortable.

  • Comfort wear for dogs:

This normally is required while playing, sleeping and casual wear. Dog onesie pajamas are best the option. They are patterned in such a way that the shirt or top and the trouser are joined with a elastic kind of pattern and making it a single garment. These are easy for the owners too to make their dogs wear and are comfortable for them for a good night sleep.

When selecting a dog pajama, choosing something that matches your pup’s personality will add character and create confident to your dog’s attitude. For a feminine dog , a bit of attitude is something that adds diva look. And for a male dog, sports themed pajamas will look cool on them. In addition, Christmas dog pajamas, festive wear and many occasion wears will make your dog look great.