Remedies for dog allergies

Your pet’s allergies manifest due to hyperactive immune responses after exposure to various allergens such as pollen, ear mites, dust mites, bacteria and fleas. Some effective home remedies for dog allergies are regular bathing, maintaining hygiene or massage with rosemary extract, oatmeal water extract or a solution of apple cider vinegar in the body of the dog.

Natural remedies for dog allergies

Effective dog skin allergies remedies vary depending on the type of hypersensitivity reaction. If the dog shows itching and scratching, there is a good chance that the pet will suffer from allergies to fleas. In another case, if the pet is showing symptoms after feeding, you may have an allergy to those foods. In the same way, keep watch over the change in the dog’s health and behavior to identify the type of allergy. Once the causal factor is identified, you can continue with the corrective measures to relieve the symptoms of the irritation.

Avoid exposure to allergens

The hypersensitive reaction to contaminated elements in the environment (pollens, dust) is a common trigger of canine allergy. This can be overcome by limiting exposure to these agents. A good method can be to leave the pet indoors when allergen agents are present in higher concentration (morning and night). Make sure the vacuum cleaner properly cleans the places where your pet plays all the time, to kill the mites and dust.

Eliminates allergenic foods

Allergy caused by food can be treated by changing the diet or avoiding certain elements in your pet’s meals, which may be the cause of the problem. In most cases, dogs can be sensitive to protein (beef, chicken) and sometimes to carbohydrates (wheat, corn). So, while shopping for your pet’s food, check the product label and choose the brand that contains different sources of protein and carbohydrates.

Note: At no time have we mentioned that they stop giving proteins to their pets. Our advice is that not all dog foods are prepared the same. Some contain ingredients formulated especially for a certain breed of canine. That said, for some dogs that suffer from allergies, it is not advisable to give them any food with a dog on the cover.

Make changes in your diet

Get a pinch of garlic powder and add them to your dog’s diet. While excessive garlic-based feeding is harmful to your dog, a low amount of garlic can improve the health of your pet . The taste of garlic helps repel fleas. If the dog is allergic to food additives, replace them with other healthy alternatives. Supplementing your dog’s food with flaxseed oil and salmon will help strengthen the immune system of contact allergens.

Note: Garlic and onion contain thiosulfate , a substance present in these foods that can be deadly for dogs . Always check with your veterinarian before giving these foods to your dog.

Maintain proper hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is also good for your dog’s health. The ornaments of your dog’s bed should be washed and cleaned weekly. Preferably use an antibacterial to wash them. In addition to this, the lawn and the backyard must also be kept clean to prevent fleas. Placing a plastic cover over the dog’s preferred area will help reduce the dog’s contact with fleas.