Three Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

Cats are mysterious animals, to say the least.  If you are a cat owner, you already know this.  But there are some things that you probably didn’t know about your beloved pet.  Today, we are going to learn three very interesting facts about cats that just might surprise you!

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They Can Be Trained Just like Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs can be trained to do all sorts of things.  But did you know that cats can be trained to do tricks as well?  That’s right, if someone ask you “can you train your cat”, you can now answer “yes”!  One popular trick that many cats simply love to do is to shake hands.  Just like dogs, cats can be taught to give you their paw.  This cute little trick isn’t the only thing cats can learn how to do.  Unlike dogs, that need to go to the restroom outside, you can teach cats go indoors.  But we are not talking about in the litter box.  That’s right – cats can be trained to go to the bathroom on the toilet!  The best part is they even learn how to flush when they are done.  Who would have ever dreamed of such a thing?

Cats Have Sailed Around the World

Did you know that cats have been world travelers for many centuries?  Felines have been brought on board ships to not only act as companions on long voyages but also to do some work.  In the past, rats were a huge problem on ships.  They would eat food and other supplies and put sailors at risk of disease.  So to curb the rat problem, ship captains would bring along cats to eat the rodents.  This solved a huge problem and the cats were treated like royalty and given their fair share of fish.  Now, there are cats all over the world and this just might be because of their journeys on board ships.  For more information on cats and their seafaring past, please check out this link.  Here you will find many fascinating facts about our favorite feline friends.

Felines Have Been Our Pets for 12,000 Years

Did you know that cats have been with humans for 12,000 years?  Scientists have recently found signs that our feline friends began to live with humans in the Near East, which include Middle East’s Fertile Crescent.  But it appears that cats were not brought into homes by humans in the beginning.  Instead, cats are believed to have invited themselves inside.  Some scientists think that cats showed interest in humans first and started hanging around.  Once humans realized how cats might benefit them by catching mice and keeping other pests away, they welcomed them with open arms.  For more information on the history of cats, please check out this website.

These interesting cat facts probably surprised most of you.  As you can see, cats have been with us for thousands of years giving us love and companionship throughout time.  Our furry felines have done some really surprising things and they are much smarter than some people believe.