6 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Cat

A cat can be a great addition to any home. They can be loving, fantastic company and lovely to have around. However, before rushing off to collect your new furry friend there are some things you should know. Here are the six things everyone should be aware of before they commit to buying or adopting a new cat.

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They’re Not Dogs

Often people mistakenly believe that cats and dogs are quite similar and see a cat as easier to look after than a dog. This couldn’t be more wrong. Obviously, different breeds have their quirks, but when it comes to temperament, cats and dogs are very dissimilar. If you are looking for a loyal pet who shows you plenty of affection and is very passive, you might prefer a dog.

Cats Can be Very Independent

Your new pet will be very independent. Maybe not as soon as you get them home, but once they’ve settled, they will want to be out and about doing their own thing. So, be prepared for them to bring you plenty of little treats home.

You should also be aware that your cat won’t always want to be played with. Dogs love a fuss and attention, but cats often prefer their own company and enjoy playing alone.

But They Crave Your Love

He won’t play with you and he will leave you on your own all day and happily be fed by anyone, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t crave your love and affection. Stroke him and feel him purr as he relishes your touch.  Make the most of these cuddles when they come.

He Needs a Safe Space

While cats are less attached to their homes, they do need a safe space within it. Before bringing your cat home, prepare a safe corner with a bed and some toys for him to play with. A place where he knows he can be alone and won’t be messed with. This will help him to settle and accept you.

You Need to Cat Proof

Having a cat, especially a kitten, is worse than having a toddler. You need to cat-proof everything or as soon as you leave him in the house on his own he will be into absolutely everything. Remember, cats are naturally excellent climbers, so even high shelves are not safe. You need to go around your house imagining a very tall toddler is coming to stay. If you like something, move it to a room the cat can’t access.

The Essentials

Before you go and fetch your cat, you need to be prepared with all the essentials. This includes a prospective vet and an understanding of all a cat’s medical needs, such as vaccinations, flea treatment and an awareness of the vet’s abbreviations, so you’re not left wondering “what does DSH mean?”, Pet insurance quotes, bedding, a litter box, a scratch post, toys, and food are all essential. What else you need depends on the age and breed, so double check.

If you feel ready to take on a cat, do it! They can be great fun and lovely friends.